Sinking Piers

Crawl Space Piers
Crawl Space Piers

When a crawl space isn’t properly sealed off, it can let in an abundant amount of moisture whenever it rains, or when there is a lot of melting snow on the property. When this happens, the ground becomes very saturated, and it is difficult for piers to sufficiently hold up the weight of the home.

When this happens, there may be certain areas on the first level of the home that no longer feel very level, even, or safe. Eventually, the floor may even collapse in on itself in these spots if the problem isn’t taken care of with the right products and repair techniques.

Leaky Crawl Space

Moisture here doesn’t just make the ground soggy and cause problems for piers that help to hold the load of a home, but it can also contribute to the growth of hazardous mold or mildew. Mold is a dangerous fungus that can grow on organic materials, such as wood, and whenever moisture and excessive humidity levels are present. These are typically the conditions that are found inside of an un-sealed crawl space environment.

Additionally, this moisture can cause wooden materials, such as supports and floor joists to rot and warp. This can create even more problems for the stability of the first floor of your home.

Getting Rid of the Moisture

To put a stop to the seepage issue once and for all and to get a safe, strong, and sturdy home, encapsulation work will need to be done. The process will vary from contractor to contractor, but it will typically involve the installation of some or all of the following products or systems: vapor barriers, floor liners, sump pumps, drainage systems, dehumidifiers, insulation, stabilizers for supporting the floor, and more.

Additionally, the pier itself may need to be replaced if the damage is too far gone. The local crawl space repair contractor who comes to your home will be able to better determine the overall “health” of the structure during a thorough inspection.

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